Lockheed Martin

The engine of the car was on, and the car itself was placed on a rotating platform. This was reported by the British newspaper The Independent.

The power output of the tested Lockheed Martin laser system is 30 kW. With its help it became possible in just a few seconds to stop the car engine. The device is called the Advanced Test High Energy Asset (Athena) and it uses a special technology that combines the capabilities of several laser beams into one.

Last year, the US Navy has already installed a similar gun Laws on the military transport ship USS Ponce, which is now based in the Persian Gulf. Earlier, the Americans presented a video that demonstrated the capabilities of the new weapon: on it, the laser hit the target on a speedboat.

According to the publication, such laser guns can become the basis for future weapons. The US are planning to install similar devices on their planes, helicopters, ships and drones. The new guns are lightweight, compact and effective, and their optics and electronics can accurately hit the target.

The American corporation Lockheed Martin is one of the world’s largest developers and manufacturers of military and aerospace technology. Its main customer is the Ministry of Defense of the US. The company employs around 120 thousand people, and the sales of the corporation for 2013 amounted to 35.5 billion.

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