Lukashenko offered guarantees

“If someone is feeling uneasy about the weapons in possession by Ukrainian soldiers surrounded in Debaltseve, we are ready to take [it] on the territory of Belarus,” – said Lukashenko. According to him, the purpose of such a step is to prevent the use of these weapons in the future in military hostilities.

The head of state noted that to implement this plan, it is important to have the approval of all parties involved. “If lives of thousands of innocent and surrounded people are priority for them, we are ready to do it in just one day,” – said Lukashenko.

He noted that Belarus is ready to be not only a mediator, but to help “honorably stop” the conflict in the Debaltseve region, “if Ukraine, Russia, DPR and LPR would want that.”

In turn, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov said that to resolve the situation in Debaltseve “it is imperative to stop using weapons in an attempt to change the status quo at 00:00 on February 15th.” “If it all stopped and calmed down, we could begin negotiations on how to rescue these people, Ukrainian troops, to make sure they left this “kettle””, – said the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In early February, in the Debaltseve area, rebel fighters surrounded by a group of several thousand Ukrainian military. Despite a ceasefire on February 15, clashes continued in this direction. Debaltseve is partly controlled by the DPR, and street battles continue. At the same time, the “Donbass” battalion commander, the deputy of Verkhovna Rada Semen Semenchenko reported about a “planned and organized” withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from the area.

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