Opinion about annexation of the Crimea was voiced by the leader of the far-right French party “National Front” Marine Le Pen in an interview with the CNBC website.

Annexation of Crimea to Russia

“The EU has supported a coup in Ukraine, which has allowed the residents of the Crimea to make a choice to become part of Russia, because, as we know, the Crimea is the Russian territory. There should not be a different view on that,”- believes Marine Le Pen.

According to the politician, “The European Union has not admitted its mistakes in the Crimean issue.” “It is time to accept it before starting to make new mistakes,” – noted the leader of the “National Front”.

In February of 2015, former French President Nicolas Sarkozy said that “you cannot blame the Crimea for choosing Russia“.

Marine Le Pen became the leader of the “National Front” in 2011. She actively advocates for reducing immigration and stopping the European integration of France. The party used to be called racist and anti-Semitic when its leader was Jean-Marie Le Pen. At the moment, his daughter – Marin – is trying to rid the “National Front” of such image in order to win over the support of the electorate. In early March, the French Prime Minister, Manuel Valls said that he was not ruling out the possibility that Marine Le Pen could win the presidential election in 2017.

The Crimea declared its independence from the Ukraine and the desire to become part of Russia on the results of the referendum held on March 16, 2014. Official Kiev has not recognized the legitimacy of the referendum. The US and EU also spoke against the annexation of the peninsula to Russia, and introduced sanctions against Moscow. In response, Russia has banned food imports from the European Union, the US, Japan, Australia and Canada.

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