McCain laughed

This was reported on Friday, February 27, by the Sputnik agency.

“This is ridiculous. The US could deliver weapons to Ukraine even tomorrow. Especially for such deliveries we have cargo aircraft there,”- said the senator. He added that the statement by the head of intelligence “defies logic.”

On February 26, Stewart expressed an opinion that the US arms will not provide Ukrainian troops with a significant advantage in their confrontation with pro-Russian rebels, “which are supported by the Russian army.” In addition, the Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper said that the fighting in the south-east of Ukraine will continue throughout 2015. According to him, negotiations on the status of the territories controlled by rebels will be difficult.

On February 22, McCain said in an interview with the US television channel CBS, that he felt ashamed for the President of the United States, the whole country and himself because of the fact that Washington does not provide proper military assistance to Kiev. “Ukrainians are not asking to send US troops to their country, they are only asking to supply arms so they could protect themselves, – said McCain. – I did not do anything to help these people. This just breaks my heart.”  According to him, in order to remedy the situation in Ukraine, the United States should supply arms to this country.

Despite the fact that the EU countries refused to supply weapons to Kiev, Washington is still considering this matter. On February 17, it was reported that Ukrainian authorities sent the US a list of necessary military equipment.

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