freezing of funds of two Russian banks

The total amount of frozen assets is at least $ 640 million.

According to the publication, of the frozen funds, $ 570 million belong to the Bank Russia and at least another $ 60 million – to the SMP Bank. Both credit institutions are included in the list of Russian banks and enterprises subject to US economic sanctions against Russia.

In addition, according to The Wall Street Journal, in the accounts at Citibank, about $ 10 million are frozen that belong to the Russian Instrument Design Bureau. With regard to the accounts of individuals, against whom sanctions were also imposed, in accordance with the law on the Protection of Personal Information, The US Treasury does not provide names of Russian people who got affected by sanctions. According to the newspaper, the largest individual account that was frozen in such circumstances is in the bank Brown Brothers Harriman in the amount of two million dollars.

Anti-Russian sanctions were imposed by the US and several other countries in March of 2014. They affected some Russian companies in the energy, defense and finance industries. In addition, personal sanctions were imposed against some Russian citizens. In response, Russia has restricted import of certain agricultural products from the countries that have imposed sanctions against it: the United States, the EU countries, Canada, Australia and Norway.

On March 4, it was reported that the US President Barack Obama extended the sanctions against Russia for another year.

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