And now, if you believe the video that was spread around the Internet, he was executed by militants from the extremist group “Islamic state.” United States intelligence service is not yet able to confirm that it is really Foley in the video, although he looks very similar to the well-known journalist. Dressed in an orange robe, he is on his knees in the middle of the desert and saying the words denouncing the American government. The video is entitled “Message to America.”

James Foley


Before the execution Foley urged to rebel against the US authorities

James Foley, journalist: “I urge all of my friends and relatives to rebel against my real killers – the United States government. Everything that will happen to me is the consequence of their self-righteousness and malicious intents.

I ask my beloved parents – preserve the remnants of my dignity and do not accept those miserable handouts for my death from people who have so effectively have hammered the final nail in my coffin by conducting air raids on Iraq. I wish that I had more time, I wish I could be free so I could see my family again – but the train has left. I wish I was not an American. ”

After that a militant wearing a mask who was standing behind an alleged journalist, also said some words – that this execution is the revenge for  bombings by the USA over the last days on the positions of militants of the “Islamic state.” It is noted that the terrorist speaks with a British accent. In the end, he decapitates the prisoner.

It is reported that the video also shows another reporter missing in Iraq – Stephen Sotloff of the American magazine Time. Militants threaten to execute him as well if the US does not stop their airstrikes.

Let us remind you, that just two days ago Barack Obama ordered the bombings of extremists in Iraq. He even cut short his vacation and came back to Washington to consult with his aids. Well, a few hours ago, the American president went back to his vacation – to the island of Martha’s Vineyard in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Massachusetts.

Execution James Foley video