Russian planes near Iceland

This is stated in the message of the military agency.

The statement also says that on February 19, two strategic bombers Tu-95MS from the Russian long-range aviation that left the air base Engels were performing scheduled tasks of air patrols.

“The route of the flight took place in the airspace over the neutral waters of the Barents and Norwegian Seas, and the Atlantic Ocean. The flight duration was more than 20 hours. Along the route the long-range aircrafts were accompanied by RAF aircrafts “Typhoon”, “- said in the Ministry of Defense.

The report also stressed out that the Russian Air Force airplanes did not violate the airspace of Iceland. Earlier, the Iceland Review newspaper reported with the reference to the Icelandic Coast Guard, that Russian bombers have passed through “the NATO-controlled airspace near the borders of Iceland.” The publication noted that the Russian aircrafts did not get that close to the Icelandic borders (to a minimum distance of 26 nautical miles) since 2006 – the time when the United States withdrew its air base from the island of Keflavik.

Earlier, the British military agency reported that two Russian Air Force strategic bombers approached the coast of the UK in the area of ​​Cornwall from the south. The airplanes of the RAF were deployed to intercept.

Since the autumn of 2014, Western military regularly note the increased activity of Russian aviation flights over the neutral waters, including in the vicinity of the borders of the NATO member states. In the same period, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, when approving the plan of combat training for long-range aviation said that “under these circumstances” Russia has to have a military presence in the western Atlantic and eastern Pacific oceans, in the waters of the Caribbean basin and the Gulf of Mexico. “In addition, we must conduct aerial reconnaissance of the activities of foreign armed forces and sea communications using our long-range aircrafts,” – said Shoigu.

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