The contract for the supply of two helicopter carriers was concluded between DCNS and the “Rosoboronexport” in 2011. The price – 1.2 billion euros. Against the supply of the carriers is the US State Department, which stated that in the context of the situation in Ukraine it considers unacceptable the supply to Russia of even one “Mistral”. Yet, DCNS noted that the sanctions by the United States cannot prevent the construction and delivery of “Mistrals”. The first ship – “Vladivostok” – should enter service with the Russian Navy in 2014, and the second – “Sevastopol” – in 2015.

Aircraft carrier “Mistral”

aircraft carrier Mistral

Kiev is concerned about France’s decision to supply the Russian Federation with “Mistral”

Updated: Testing of “Mistral Russia” on the open sea will be held without Russian military

“Ukraine is concerned about France’s decision regarding the delivery of military aircraft carriers o strategic role “Mistral” to the Russian Federation, which is still in force. We are convinced that, given the current foreign policy context, the delivery to Russia of powerful offensive weapons, which are assault ships like” Mistral “, may have negative consequences for the security and stability in Europe, “- said Perebiynis in a briefing.

According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, if Russia will have at its disposal assault ships like “Mistral”, it will radically change the balance of forces in the Black Sea basin. Kiev is hoping that France will take measures aimed at stopping the supply of the ships to Russia”, concluded Perebiynis.