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“Our plan is operational and open to any suggestions. It is not a substitute for government programs, including infrastructure development programs. We will continue them, as they are pivotal to the development of the city, “- said Sobyanin.

The document includes 70 different events. Among the key areas – social support of citizens and ensuring food safety, reports

City authorities intend to provide more targeted support for underprivileged citizens. “The reserve fund will allocate 1.7 billion rubles for that,” – said Sobyanin.

In order to ensure food safety it is planned to postpone the closure of non-capital agricultural markets, and actively work with new suppliers of food to the Moscow market.

To help the real sector, city authorities will initiate the development of clusters in priority sectors, such as medicine, aeronautics, information technologies, microelectronics, biochemistry and food industry. Technology parks and technopolises will also get support. The city will also conclude long-term state contracts with manufacturers who will be engaged in import substitution. In addition, it is planned to introduce concessions and payment plans for land lease payments.

The effectiveness of budget expenditure is planned to get increase by reducing the number of civil servants of the executive authorities, as well as by eliminating luxury purchases from the budget. Reliability of implementing government contracts will be ensured by the Moscow City Treasury.

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