According to the publication, the popularity of the account holder with a gloomy and contemptuous expression makes him a direct competitor to the famous Grumpy cat.

At the time of writing the article, the social network page of Pompous Albert had 44.3 thousand followers. Cat owners, who reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, said that they named their pet after the physicist Albert Einstein. They made such a decision because the animal always has gray disheveled hair which is reminiscent of the scientist’s hairstyle.

The owners started an Instagram page for Albert three months ago, in January of 2015, but the majority of followers the cat acquired in March-April. Many Internet users have compared Albert with Grumpy cat due to a very unique facial expression, but the latter currently has 647,000 followers. Pompous Albert represents a new breed called Selkirk Rex, which carries the gene for curly hair and which was obtained by successive crossing of Persians, Exotics and British. In Russia, the Selkirk Rex appeared in the late 1990s.


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