It is reported that on the eve of the NATO summit, four countries of the alliance asked to include the relevant definition in the draft of the final document of the meeting. According to the representatives of these countries, the situation around Ukraine could become a threat to their security.

The German edition indicates that the majority of alliance members, including Germany itself, spoke against such statements and plans, because they believe it is wrong to be provoking Moscow without a reason.

NATO offered


NATO offered to declare its readiness to use the European missile defense system against Russia

In addition, the newspaper notes that NATO reassured Russia that the missile defense shield of the alliance was not directed against Russia. It is expected that the debates will continue after the summit, which will be held on September 4-5 in Wales.

Before “six” international mediators on Iran’s nuclear program and Iranian diplomats in Geneva came to the historic agreement, Russian politicians insisted that these agreements will remove the reason for the creation of missile defense system, because NATO will have nothing to explain the need for the European missile defense system if the Iranian problem got resolved.

However, a source in NATO has denied these claims, stating that members of the North Atlantic alliance see no reason to revise the plans for creating a European missile defense system.

In early April, the Pentagon announced the pause on the discussions on missile defense system with Russia because of the situation in Ukraine.

The head of the Main Directorate for International Military Cooperation of the Ministry of Defense of Russia Sergey Koshelev said in May that the missile defense system of the United States and NATO has anti-Russian potential, which in its further development will only increase.

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