This was reported on Thursday, April 2, by Reuters.

“Today, the United States along with allies and partners have reached a historic agreement with Iran, which, if fully implemented, would not allow it to develop nuclear weapons,” – said Obama, speaking at the White House. According to the American leader, the political agreement will allow to eventually develop a comprehensive agreement that will make the world a “safer place”.

As noted by the president of the United States, Tehran will face severe restrictions in its nuclear program, while at the same time it can expect international inspections of unprecedented scale. Obama also warned that in case of violating the conditions of the agreement by the Islamic Republic, it may have to face re-imposed sanctions. “If we notice anything suspicious, we will check it,” – said Obama.

The US leader also stressed that the sanctions imposed by the United States against Iran in relation to supporting terrorists and violating human rights will remain in force.

In addition, Obama also announced that he intends to discuss the agreement on the Iranian nuclear program with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who criticized the deal, as well as with leaders of the Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

On Thursday night, Iran and the “six” intermediaries reached a political agreement on its nuclear program. It will form the basis of the agreement which must be developed until June 30, 2015.

As noted in the US State Department statement, control over Iran’s nuclear program will last 10 to 25 years in various aspects. In particular, for 10 years Tehran will limit the capacity for uranium enrichment and nuclear research. For 15 years, Iran will not build new enrichment facilities or heavy water reactors and will limit its reserves of enriched uranium. At the same time, IAEA inspections of nuclear facilities of the Islamic Republic will continue on for up to 25 years.

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