Obama marked lack of freedoms in Russia

He didn’t bring out any versions of this tragic accident. “At the moment I have no idea what exactly happened. What I know for sure is that situation with observance of freedom of press, freedom of  assembly, freedom of information and fundamental civil rights in Russia is worse than it was four, five or ten years ago,” Obama said.

“Increasingly state-controlled media are becoming the only source of information for Russians,” — he noticed.

U.S. President called on detailed investigation of assassination and punishment of offenders.

Obama met Nemtsov in 2009 during his trip to Moscow. Then U.S. leader held a meeting with representatives of Russian opposition.

Boris Nemtsov was shot on February 27 in the evening in downtown Moscow.  The killer opened fire at Nemtsov around 11:30 pm Moscow time as he was walking with his acquaintance – 23-year-old Ukrainian model Anna Duritskaya – along the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky Bridge.  Makarov pistol with random cartridges coming from different manufacturers was supposedly used during the assault. Nemtsov was shot six times with four shots hit in the back. Politic died at the crime scene from received injuries.

Initially it has been mistakenly reported that Nemtsov was shot from a passing car.  Later on, it has been found that the instant of murder was captured by speed camera, although event itself was hidden by the snow-cleaning machine that was slowly driving along the bridge. From the record it can be seen that from behind the car, which hid Nemtsov and his companion, the man – an alleged murderer, who was apparently waiting for Nemtsov at the stairs leading to the bridge in that particular place – rushed out, got into a white passenger car, where his accessory apparently was, and escaped.

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