military assistance to Ukraine

He expressed that during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, reports the press service of the White House.

Obama expressed his confidence that it is virtually impossible to resolve the situation using military means, because Russia has a powerful military potential.

Commenting on the possibility of supplying arms to Ukraine, Obama said: “I will make a decision by asking myself whether it would be effective or not.”

The leaders of the United States and Germany agreed on the need to maintain sanctions for as long as Russia will fulfill its obligations under the Minsk Agreements.

The day before, the media reported that during a personal meeting with Vladimir Putin, Angela Merkel did not rule out that if Putin refuses the proposed plan put together by Germany and France to address the situation, Germany will not oppose a possible decision by the US to supply arms. This information was not confirmed by a spokesman for the Russian leader.

In early February, it was reported that many Pentagon officials are inclined to make the decision to provide assistance to Ukraine in the form of lethal weapons.

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