Obama refused to supply weapons to Kiev

He made this decision after his meeting on February 9 with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel. This was reported on Monday, March 9, by Associated Press citing the German Ambassador in Washington, Peter Wittig, who is familiar with the course of the negotiations.

Obama, according to Wittig, agreed at a meeting with Merkel “to allow for the implementation of diplomatic and political efforts.” “The two leaders exchanged views on this issue and agreed that now is not the right time to supply lethal defensive weapons,” – said the diplomat.

On February 1, it was reported that senior US officials and military again began considering the possibility of supplying Kiev with defensive weapons. At the same time the Congress has registered a bill that provides for military aid to Kiev by 2017 in the amount of $ 1 billion, including the delivery of lethal weapons of defensive nature.

Barack Obama has expressed his concerns that in the case of supplying lethal weapons to Ukraine, it could get into the “wrong hands”. Washington also stressed that for now the decision of arms delivery hasn’t been made yet, although it is being discussed in the White House.

During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, Kiev received military assistance from several European countries that are part of the NATO. The biggest aid was provided to Kiev by the US: Washington has allocated $ 320 in military assistance. At the same time, for now the supplies were limited to non-lethal weapons.

The majority of European countries speak against providing Kiev with military aid. They include Germany, France, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Hungary and Poland.

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