This was reported by the TV channel MSNBC. According to the American leader, the US military is so superior to its potential adversaries that it can easily manage them. “Our defense budget is a little less than $ 600 billion, and theirs – only slightly more than $ 17 billion. Even if they will obtain some air defense weapons, if necessary, we will overcome them,”- said Obama.

In addition, the US president warned Tehran about the inadmissibility of supplying weapons to Shiite insurgents in Yemen. “Our ships are located in the Persian Gulf region in order to protect the freedom of navigation. We have warned Tehran that supplying arms to the insurgents in Yemen could threaten this, “- noted Obama. He also pointed out that the Iranian intervention in Yemeni crisis will only complicate the resolution of this problem.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on April 13 lifted the ban on the export of S-300 to Iran, which was in effect from September 2010 in the form of a unilateral tightening of the sanctions regime as defined by the Resolution of 1929 of the UN Security Council. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that lifting of the ban is related to the progress in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program.

A prepared contract to supply to Iran five battalions of the systems S-300PMU-1 (concluded in 2007 for a reported amount of about $ 800 million) was stopped at the shipment stage of finished products. Tehran reacted very sharply to such a decision by Moscow by filing a lawsuit in the International Court of Arbitration in Geneva. The lawsuit claims the non-compliance with conditions of the contract by Russia and the demand of the relief is $ 4 billion.

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