Ornella Muti

This was reported by Il Giornale.

Instead of performing in a theater show, the actress had dinner in St. Petersburg with Vladimir Putin who was the Russian Prime Minister at the time and American actor Kevin Costner.

The dinner took place back in 2010. A video proves that Ornella Muti was there. However, in the theater the actress explained her absence by taking a sick leave with laryngopharyngitis, which she confirmed by presenting a medical document that relieved her of the obligation to go on stage, despite receiving a payment of 25,000 euros.

Theater administration filed a lawsuit against Ornella Muti fake for presenting medical certificate. Now Ornella Muti can either go to jail or, to avoid imprisonment, she will have to pay 30,000 euro to the Teatro Verdi.  The court’s verdict was even more severe than the prosecution expected.

The charity reception dedicated to the fight against children cancer and eye diseases, that took place in December of 2010 at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg was also attended by Gerard Depardieu, Mickey Rourke, Goldie Hawn, Vincent Cassel, Monica Bellucci, Kurt Russell, Sharon Stone and other celebrities. At the end of the evening the head of the government invited the guests on stage and they sang along the composition of the band Zemlyane called “Grass by my house.”

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