Armed Forces of Ukraine moved 4 kilometers away

This area is located 63 kilometers northeast of Donetsk and 8 kilometers from Debaltsevo.

According to the representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the joint Center for control and coordination of the ceasefire, currently “armed hostilities are observed along the whole line of contact.”

In addition, the mission also reported that during a control drone run to the east of Mariupol, a column of tanks, armored personnel carriers and numerous auxiliary machines was discovered, , presumably heading to the battle zone.

The Center for Control and coordination of the ceasefire started operating on September 26, 2014, six days after the signing of the Minsk memorandum. This agency was established to actually monitor the implementation of the Minsk agreements. OSCE monitoring group began working in the conflict zone as observers on the same day.

During its work, the Centre has become a source of accumulated information about the situation in the south-eastern Ukraine. OSCE mission publishes its report daily, which presents gathered and verified facts. In particular, recently, observers reported the use in combat zones of banned submunition dispensers.

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