arms to Ukraine

As Reuters reported, such opinion was expressed by him on air of the Polish radio station Jedynka.

In an interview with local newspaper Gazeta Wyborcz, Semonyak said that Poland has no plans to supply heavy weapons to Ukraine.

Meanwhile, earlier Semonyak said that if the US would decide on supplying arms to Ukraine, Poland will be ready to support the decision of its American counterparts. This was stated in the article in The Financial Times on February 9.

“Russia should take into account that the United States or Western countries can make a decision to supply arms to Ukraine and this is the card that the West is holding, and this card can be used in the future, if not today. Poland’s position is that we do not believe that this card will never be dealt, “- he said.

Information about the fact that senior US officials and military officials are considering again a possibility of supplying Kiev with defensive weapons appeared in early February. Later it was confirmed by the official representative of the US State Department Jen Psaki.

“The debate about supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine is a part of a larger debate that takes place with the participation of all stakeholders. The overall goal is to preserve Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity using diplomatic means,”- she explained.

At the same time, most European countries have spoken against supplying defensive weapons to Ukraine. These countries include Germany, France, Denmark, Estonia, Italy and Hungary.

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