The main problem of russian economy

The main problem of russian economy…state of the economy

This was confirmed by a data from a poll conducted by Levada Center.

Russians have little idea who could have replaced the current ministers, and that is why they do not consider a possible resignation of the Cabinet of Ministers, RBK quotes the deputy director of Levada Center, Alexei Grazhdankin. Foreign policy situation has an impact as well: people tend to blame Europe and the US in their difficulties, and they fear chaos if a sudden change in the leadership of the country was to happen.

Meanwhile, to the question on whether the government of Dmitry Medvedev is coping with challenges facing the country, 46 percent of the respondents  have given a negative answer(“definitely not” – 10 percent, “rather not” – 36 percent), and 42 – gave a positive answer (“definitely yes” – 4 percent, “rather yes” – 38 percent).

At the same time, more than half of the survey participants said that the government does not fully fulfil its social obligations to the population (“only partly” – 49 percent, “completely not” – 8 per cent).

Older citizens are more critical to the work of senior officials, as well as representatives of more affluent social circles.

As mentioned earlier, according to the survey polls, the majority of Russians believe the main problem in the state of the economy.

Economic situation was named as the main problem by 23 percent of citizens, followed by high inflation and rising prices (22 percent), and then – foreign policy (14 per cent). Russian citizens are also concerned with low wages, low living standards, unemployment, collapse of agriculture and industry, as well as the dependence on natural resources.

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