This was reported on Saturday, February 14, on the website of the President. In particular, “the leaders agreed on further coordinate their efforts should the conflict escalate.”

“The President of Ukraine noted the need for monitoring by the OSCE the situation with regards to the cease-fire,” – says in the statement. Also, the heads of the states, when discussing the situation in Donbass, expressed their concern with the events that unfolded around Debaltseve.

In addition, Poroshenko thanked Obama for personal support of Ukraine and a strong position which was reflected in the statement by the “Big Seven” (G7).

Earlier on Saturday, the Ukrainian leader said that if Ukraine will not maintain cease-fire, then he will impose martial law throughout the whole country.

On February 12, after the negotiations around the situation in Ukraine in “Normand format”, the parties signed the so-called Minsk agreement, which includes, among other things, complete cease-fire in the Donbass region, and also a gradual withdrawal of heavy weapons and artillery from the contact line starting at 00:00 on February 15, 2015.

Poroshenko discussed with Obama telephone

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