Mortal Kombat X will add Predator

This was announced during the official online broadcast, held on March 19.

The new character will appear in the paid addition to the fighting game together with the announced earlier serial killer Jason from horror movies “Friday the 13th”.

In addition, the developers also showed a new kind of attacks – quitality – designed for Mortal Kombat X.

According to the idea, quitality will serve as consolation for those players whose foes flee before the end of an online match, in order not to spoil their rating after losing. Characters of such players will have their heads exploded. A side effect is that a random loss of internet connection or poor quality Internet connection can also provoke quitality.

Earlier Mortal Kombat methods included, for example, “animality” (a character turns into an animal and kills the opponent), and also “babyality” (an opponent turns into a baby).

Also, the developers elaborated on how in the 10th installment Milin’s techniques will look – one of the veterans of Mortal Kombat. As is the case with other characters, before the start of the match, the players who chose Milin will be asked to choose one of three styles of fighting. The Ethereal option gives a character access to various tricks related to teleportation. Using the Ravenous style, a character will rely on the strength of its jaws, and with Piercing – on dart weapons.

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