Psaki called film about Crimea

This was stated by the US State Department spokesman Jen Psaki.

“What we have seen is consistent with the misleading approach associated with Russia denying its involvement in the events in the east of Ukraine”, – said Psaki, explaining that she meant the denial by Moscow of its involvement in “seizing the Crimea.” At the same time, the US State Department spokesman admitted that she does not know the context of the film and has no detailed information about it.

On March 8, the TV channel “Russia 1” announced a film by Andrei Kondrashov “Crimea. Path to the Motherland“, in which the Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke about events of the beginning of 2014 that led to the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. The video announcement showed statements by the Russian leader, according to which he tried saving the life of the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych and also said that he was forced “to start work on returning the Crimea to Russia.”

On March 9, “Russia 1” showed fragments of the film in which Putin explains that the annexation of the Crimea to Russia was carried out in order to protect its residents from the Ukrainian nationalists. According to the Russian leader, Moscow’s goal was not the “annexation” of the peninsula, but providing its residents with an opportunity to “express their opinion” with regards to their future.

On March 16, 2014 there was a referendum in the Crimea where 96 per cent of people who voted spoke in favor of joining the peninsula to Russia. On March 18, the republic’s authorities signed an agreement with Moscow on annexing the Crimea and Sevastopol to Russia as new subjects.

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