Punishers from the “Azov” battalion

Commanders explained their refusal to carry out orders by the fact that they already have “four dead and 35 wounded in the battle for Ilovajsk,” reported the agency “Novorossia.”

Moreover, “Azov” took off from its location and moved to Mariupol “to rest and resupply.”

The second attempt of the headquarters of the 8th Army Corps to get in touch with the commander of “Azov” Beletski ended in confusion.

The commander of “Azov”, who recently was awarded the rank of lieutenant colonel of the Interior Ministry of Ukraine using foul language refused to carry out orders of the AFU. As a result of the demarche by the commander of “Azov”, militia received a line of operation for a counterattack on Novoazovsk and Mariupol.

Earlier, it was reported that some parts of the National Guard starting on Monday morning were leaving the territory of Mariupol.


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