ukrainian punishersThis was told by the press-secretary of the People’s Republic of Lugansk Vladimir Inogorodsky. According to him, the separatists are showing the cruelty typical to the Nazis during World War II, reports LifeNews.

“Once again, we see typical fascism … According to local residents who managed to escape, the Ukrainian army and foreign mercenaries were rounding up people and during the day and last night forced them to build a fortified area around the church. Those who did not agree to work were publicly shot, – said Inogorodsky.

According to the commander of one of the intelligence units of the militia of the People’s Republic of Lugansk, next the separatists shoved people into the church and mined it with land-mines. Because of the threat of killing people, the militias cannot enter the village to save them.

“This is how fascists behaved during the Great Patriotic War. From a human point of view, these actions cannot be explained,” – said the spokesman of the LPR. According to him, the mercenaries from Poland and Lithuania have no honor – they fight in the uniform of the Russian armed forces.

Novosvetlovka village is located on the road that goes from Lugansk to the Russian border. The fighting between the militias of the LPR and the Ukrainian army in this area has been going on for more than a week. On August 13 the troops entered Novosvetlovka on heavy armored vehicles. In the center of the village there was a fight, and local residents reported about a large number of victims.