Pushkov reproached the USA

Member of Parliament pointed to the fact that the U.S. puts pressure on the EU, concurrently building up trade turnover with Russia. He wrote about that on Twitter.

According to the data from the Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation, foreign trade turnover of Russia decreased by 5.7 percent – to $794 billion. Exports declined by 3.8 percent – to $507 billion, while imports declined by 8.9 percent – to $287 billion.

Trade of Russia with European Union countries suffered more than usual. Imports from the EU in one year declined by 12.2 percent – to $118 billion, while exports, by 7.1 percent – to $262 billion. In particular, trade turnover between Russia and Germany as of year-end 2014 decreased by 11.7 percent and reached 67.7 billion Euros, according to data of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany.

At the same time, in the late December Russian president Vladimir Putin stated that in 2014 sales volume between Russia and the USA increased by 7 percent, and import from the United States increased by 23 percent.

The USA and European Union countries imposed economical sanctions against Russia in March, 2014 after Crimean peninsula annexation. They were applied to a number of Russian companies mainly working in energy, finance and defense industries. Besides, personal sanctions were imposed on Russian individuals. After that, list of restrictions was expanded several times; the last set of sanctions was introduced on February 16, 2015.

In response, Russia set a delivery block on meat products, vegetables and fruits, marine products and cooled fish, milk and milk products from European Union states, Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA.

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