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According to TASS, this opinion was expressed by Putin at the Congress of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia.

The head of the state noted attempts by, in particular, the United States to restrain the development of Russia and to freeze the established “world order led by one undisputed leader” who believes “he is allowed to do anything he wants, while others can do only what he allows and what suits his interests.”

“Such world order will never satisfy Russia. If someone likes it, if some countries want to live in conditions of near occupation; we will not do that. But we also don’t want to be at war with anyone, we are going to cooperate with everyone,”- the president said.

According to Putin, the attempts to influence Russia, including through sanctions, “may not be effective, although they do cause some damage.” “And we need to understand it, and while understanding it we should strengthen the level of sovereignty, including in the economy,” – he added.

Anti-Russian sanctions were imposed in March of 2014 in connection with the annexation of the Crimea to Russia. Later, they have been repeatedly expanded because of the Kremlin position on the Ukrainian conflict. The restrictions affected not only Russian politicians and businessmen, but the whole sectors of Russian economy. In response, in August of 2014, Russia imposed an embargo on imports of food products from the countries that have imposed sanctions against Russia: the United States, the EU member states, as well as Canada, Australia and Norway.

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