Putin give a response to world

This was stated by the head of the state at a gala concert dedicated to February 23, reports Interfax.

“No one should have any illusions that it is possible to achieve military superiority over Russia. Our soldiers and officers have proven that they are ready to act professionally and courageously, to perform the most difficult non-standard tasks, as befits a modern well-prepared and combat-ready army,”- said Putin.

He noted that the Russian army is constantly being improved and strives to measure up to the most modern requirements. “We are successfully implementing a large-scale rearmament program of the Army and Navy, including actively improving the system of aerospace defense and nuclear power. This is a guarantee of global parity,”- said Putin.

The President assured that the government will continue implementing programs to provide military personnel with permanent service housing, health and social services and developing infrastructure of modern military towns.

Currently Russia is implementing a large-scale state armaments program for the period of 2011-2020 (SAP-2020). Total amount of funding exceeds 20 trillion rubles. Until 2020, the Russian military have to get up to 100 warships, 600 new and 400 upgraded aircrafts, about 1,000 helicopters, 56 battalions of AAMS S-400 and ten battalions of AAMS S-500, as well as a significant number of armored vehicles of the new generation.

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