«Putin’s any course across Ukraine will lead to the deterioration of the situation»

Representatives of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk national republics summed up on May 12 the results of referendum by results of which they proclaimed independence of these formations from Ukraine. Almost immediately after that, the head of DNR Denis Pushilin appealed to Russia with a request for annexation of the region as the subject of federation. The Kremlin responded frostily, the president of Russia withhold comments at all.



Putin’s any course across Ukraine will lead to the deterioration of the situation


Speaking about annexation to Russia Pushilin referred to historical belonging of the region to the Russian Federation. The president of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about restoration of historical justice earlier when he declared reunion of Russia and the Crimea, reminds newsru.com.

However response of the Kremlin to Pushilin’s address while is rather reserved. If in some hours before the authorities of DNR announced plans to become a part of Russia, the press service of the Kremlin reported that “in Moscow they are deferential to will of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions”. However in later announcement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there is no request response of DNR.

In the Kremlin they commented the results of the referendum in the South-East of Ukraine in this way:

«In Moscow they are deferential to will of the people of Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the practical realization of the results of the referendum will be held in a civilized way, without any recurrence of violence, through a dialog between representatives of Kiev, Donetsk and Lugansk. In interests of fence-mending of such dialog any intermediary efforts, including through OSCE are welcomed. We mark a high attendance of the population, despite attempts disrupt the vote. We condemn occurred use of force, including use of heavy arms against the civilians, which led to casualties”, – it is spoken in the message of the press service of the Kremlin.

Bloggers discuss what Vladimir Putin will do in response.

Marina Yudenich told about the reasons:

“And Putin is silent, and it is right.

The numbers of the referendum in the South-East, of course impress, but we understand that neither the West, nor Kiev don’t recognize its results never. They don’t recognize and the Crimea, but won’t be put there already never therefore the question is closed.

With the South-East everything is different:

They are there now, and seek not the obedience of rebel regions. Big guys simply don’t take into account them as well as Kiev.

Today it is very necessary for the West that Moscow entered armies to Ukraine

Our Lightbox professional Russians demand from Putin the same on the strange combination of circumstances.

We will go further.

Yes, people die in the South-East, and – the most terrible – that this horror will probably be prolonged still long enough

But let’s try without emotions.

If something is favorable to the West – and it is favorable to the West now that we immediately entered armies – so, it is unprofitable to Russia

What’s the next step?

Putin will have to understand, how new power of  the South-East is capable to control the region.

Not to be at war, and to control – to solve problems of a law and order, supply, financing, housing and communal services …

This art is more difficult a hundred times, but actually it will define, whether there is the power in its place. And whether it is possible to deal with this power.

And after an election of the president of Ukraine Putin can offer very beautiful castling: recognition of the presidential elections in Kiev in exchange for recognition of the results of the referendum in the South-East».

«It is ridiculously to enter armies there where you have full control of the situation. So what is anti -… and other, obviously shows that the Kiev authorities are not masters there.

There the master is Putin! Because for a few years until November of last year he counted a situation and prepared that now doesn’t need at all interference of official Moscow.

In the Southeast there is a legalization of those whom you can call as you pleased, but they are people of Moscow. Obama and Kiev are right here. They aren’t right in other. It will turn out nothing to change there by force, and they are puffed up and kill people.

All will end with the section on some parts and occupation of part of the territories by Russia and Poland”, – djag_5319 opposes.

«Zugzwang for Putin.

That’s all, this is the hour of decision.

It is impossible farther to evade the question.

If Putin decides to cheap nfl jerseys annex also Donetsk, it means sanctions, sanctions, sanctions, embargo, well further you understand that.

If Putin merges – it means, the days of his triumph will end and will start the days of shame: as so, he threw, he betrayed, he didn’t rescue, he didn’t help. Promotion will choke and will be torn in the opposite direction, but feeling of resentment remains, rates and promises were too great. Well yes, sanctions will still persist, it is only in Russia many people think that the issue of Crimea is closed. Alas.

The most bad option is the creation wholesale jerseys of the next not a full-fledged state like Abkhazia or Transnistria.  The only difference that this time million people will be in the idiotic position a kind of citizens of unrecognized state.  Well yes, Russia all the same in case of such option is shone only by sanctions and sanctions.  Well it is a doubtful pleasure to support for our general account and these new psevdostates, and their “tops” – all these dla speculators from MMM and brave reenactors will need villas, country houses, Mercedes, flashers  well you understand.  Государство же!”, – Fedor Krasheninnikov assumed.

“I think that the Kremlin won’t connect the Donbass. It is more problems than benefits”, – Rustem Adagamov clearly believes.

“The Kremlin respects results of a referendum in Donetsk and Lugansk. It doesn’t recognize, and only respects. In practice it means that Putin will seek to create controlled by Moscow Eastern Ukraine on the example of Transdniestria. But Donetsk cheap nfl jerseys and Lugansk won’t be part of Russia. Too expensive. Mines entirely unprofitable, there are more than two million pensioners and state employees it is necessary to feed. And still the Crimea to equip.

The perspective to become Transnistria shan’t please separatists. They will be accused of poverty and unemployment, and not the Ukrainian Rocco government. And then, even those who came to a referendum on May 11 will understand that they were cruelly deceived”, – Boris Nemtsov predicts.

“The Donetsk National Republic already appealed to Russia Vladimir to admit it to be a part of Russia. Whether it will take?

I suppose that now, from the first, won’t take.

And further we will see. Now Kharkov  is necessary to wake”, – Eduard Limonov spoke.

“In chess, it is called zugzwang when any course leads to the deterioration of the position. Putin can wait, but Kiev power can’t. Sponsors require working off. Hence and military operations against the population and other errors”, – writes kiro01.

zibel77: “It will come to an end banal that after May 25 the contingent of NATO will be entered there and a question will be closed too».


“When Putin speaks, it is possible to listen with delight. And when he is silent – it is possible to shake in your boots”, – mocks rojok201111.

“The Donetsk republic asked to be part of Russia. The policy which is more like buying apartments in fucking alcoholics. What’s the world coming to? To Russia this world coming to”, – Evgeny Shestakov shared the observation.

“Here in twitters many cheap jerseys online beat the hoof, Kholmogorov 1 and Okhlobystin conduct surveys – to enter – not to enter. Everything is too difficult. Guerrilla war and the fighters supported by the West is dangerous, considering level of local corruption – will trade our soldiers… All this already has been. The same Gubarev was  merged (more compliant activists) in captivity to junta for certain. Bzhezinsky in principle blabbed out strategic “idea” of the USA – to arrange for Russia Vietnam in Ukraine. So of course you have to be very careful”, – summarizes romishnaider.