Russia has already refused to participate in the preparatory meeting for the Summit.

The Nuclear Security Summit takes place every two years, starting in 2010. Its initiator was the US president Barack Obama. The main goal of the Summit is to prevent nuclear materials from getting in the hands of terrorists.

Russian leadership has informed the US that it will not take part in the upcoming summit two years prior to the event – reports the DW.

Press Secretary of the White House Josh Ernest has already expressed his regrets about this matter and said that the door still remains open for Russia.

Earlier, Russian officials did not attend the first of three meetings planed as rehearsal to the Nuclear Security Summit organized by US President Barack Obama.

One of the election campaign promises of the 44th president of the United States was to reduce nuclear threats in the world. 35 countries have promised to establish an independent control over nuclear facilities as the result of the latest summit held in 2010. Russia, India, China and Pakistan have refused joining the meeting participants.

As of today, the member countries of the “Nuclear club” are the US, Russia, Great Britain, France and China.

In the border zone of the Russian Federation across from Donetsk region there has been recorded the arrival of a unit (six launchers) with tactical missile complexes “Iskander”. It is believed that the unit might be the means of delivery of tactical nuclear weapons.

Nuclear Security Summit

Nuclear Security Summit

Russia declined to participate in the Nuclear Security Summit


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