This is stated in the message of the Russian Foreign Ministry published on the official website. Foreign Ministry statement was a reaction to a joint publication of the defense ministers of the Nordic countries in which they expressed their concerns about the growing activity of the Russian armed forces.

“In contrast to previous years, the North European defense cooperation is now being positioned as directed against Russia, which could undermine the accumulated over the past decades positive constructive interaction in the North. In this context, of particular concern is also an increased tendency of rapprochement of Finland and Sweden (which officially follow the policy of non-participation in military alliances) with the NATO military bloc,”- said the Russian Ministry in a statement.

On April 10, the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published a statement of defense ministers of Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland on the need to strengthen military cooperation in relation with the activities of Russia.

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“Russia is making huge economic infusions in its military capabilities… The Russian military act defiantly near our borders, and there were several incidents at the borders of the Baltic States”, – said in a statement. “The Nordic countries face this situation together and thus deepen their cooperation”, – said the ministers.

Subsequently, on April 11, the Commander of the Defense Forces of Finland, Jarmo Lindberg explained that until now Russia has not done anything towards Finland which could be alarming. He noted that the activity of the Russian armed forces by the Finnish borders has increased, but he doesn’t see any danger in it.

In August of 2014, the Finnish Defense Minister Carl Haglund said that Sweden and Finland will consider the deployment of troops from NATO Response Force on their territory. Nevertheless, Finnish officials emphasized that they do not view such a decision as a step towards joining the alliance.

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