Russian Ministry of Defense

According to him, the matter of sanctions and their content is currently being reviewed in the arbitration court. Bakhin did not elaborate on the details of the claim. The General added that the center will not get affected by the violation of the contract. Russian industry is capable of mastering the production of laser fire devices which Germany refused to supply.

The construction of the service range, which was led by the German company Rheinmetall, was stopped in the summer of 2014 because of the sanctions against a number of Russian enterprises. In June, it was reported that despite everything Germany will finish building the training center. “The training center in Mulino is being built, they are continuing building it. There has been some noise under the pressure of the “big brother “, but now they continue building it. But we could also take care of it, “- said the Russian Deputy Minister of Defense Yuri Borisov.

Later, however, the German side has stopped work on the contract. In August, the Defense Ministry has instructed its legal structures to prepare all the necessary documents to file a claim in connection with the violation of the construction contract by the German company Rheinmetall.

The contract on creating a center for combat training of ground troops in the village of Mulino was concluded in September of 2011 by the former Defense Minister of Russia Anatoly Serdyukov and the CEO of the company Rheinmetall Klaus Eberhardt. It was planned that the first Russian multiservice regional training center in Mulino will become the main high-tech military training polygon base of the Western Military District.

The Russian General Staff believes that this training complex will pay for itself within two to three years, because operating it the military will use less military equipment, stop wasting motor resources, fuel and ammunition thanks to the active use of digital simulation technology of combat operations.

It is planned to use the new training center to train ground troops, as well as specialists of the coastal forces of the Navy and amphibious units stationed on the territory of the Western Military District. The whole idea is to ensure that large military training centers trained specialists who could serve in various types of forces while simultaneously practicing the interaction with diverse forces.

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