Self-proclaimed ISIS supporter

He said that in an interview with Fox19.

Cornell, who is now in custody, says that he was planning to blow up homemade bombs on Capitol Hill and by the Israeli Embassy in Washington. In addition, he also told reporters about his intention to kill members of the Senate and the US Congress.

“I would put a gun to Obama’s head and pulled the trigger,” – said the alleged terrorist when responding to a question about what he was going to do with the weapons he possessed – two automatic M-16 rifles and 600 cartridges for them.

The suspect claims that he has supporters “across the country.” “My brothers from Syria and from Iraq ordered me to spread the Jihad in the West, and I was doing it,” – said Cornell.

Christopher Cornell was arrested on January 14, after he bought weapons and ammunition. He was noticed by the FBI in August of last year after posting a tweet in support of ISIS and attempts to find information about making a bomb. To discuss his plans, he met with an undercover “terrorist” from the FBI.

Cornell is accused of an attempted murder of government officials and incitement to violence. For each of these counts he faces up to 20 years in prison.

The FBI has repeatedly exposed planned assassination attempts on the life of Obama. In the fall of 2012 when attempting to remotely blow up a 450-kilogram bomb in front of the Federal Reserve Bank a student from Bangladesh was arrested, who also planned, according to investigators, to murder the US President.

In December of 2011, four American soldiers from the anarchist group FEAR were detained. They were planning to kill the US president and “give power to the people.”

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