March of Truth in Kiev

Even before the march began, there was a fight between the rally participants and law enforcement officers. An activist with the symbols of “Ukrainian brotherhood” was detained and police officers found a bottle with gasoline on him. After the incident, the National Guard soldiers, working as security for the event, started searching the participants of the march. The “Right sector” itself also announced a ban on the use of any pyrotechnics, noting that “we organized a political action; it is not a military assault.”

Among the participants of the march there were also people in the uniform of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps – a military division of the “Right sector.” The march was attended also by football fans, who were said to have gone after the search for the presence of pyrotechnics and flammable substances.

The participants of the rally gathered near the metro station “Arsenalnaya”, from where they took Moskovskaya Street in the direction of the building of the Prosecutor General Office of Ukraine. Near the PGU a representative of the office came out to the activists and the protesters announced to him that “there will be no third Maidan – there will be immediate executions”. After that the protesters went towards the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Near the Ministry the demonstrators declared that “they came not for Europe, but for their rights”, and expressed their dissatisfaction with the work of police.

Some of the demonstrators who stayed near the GPU building have prepared “Molotov cocktail”. The protesters called it a symbolic reminder for the authorities about the events of Maidan.

Initially, the “March of Truth” was announced by the “Right sector” as a protest against the persons who occupied senior positions after Euromaidan. It was claimed that they (the new government officials) “gave up the interests of Ukraine” and made the population of the country poor.

The “Right-sector” is a radical nationalist organization, which was one of the driving fighting forces of Maidan during the protests in November 2013 – February 2014. In Russia, the organization was officially banned for its extremism.

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