Solar Impulse 2

As expected, in five months the aircraft will fly 35 thousand kilometers.

Borschberg he will be at the helm during this e record-breaking flight. He will be replaced by a co-pilot – the Swiss citizen Bertrand Piccard.

It is assumed that the route will run from Abu Dhabi to Oman and from there to India and China. Then, the flight will go across the Pacific Ocean, the US and Europe. The aircraft will not enter the airspace of the Russian Federation and it will make 12 landings along the way.

The first aircraft in the series Solar Impulse was unveiled in 2009. The main objective of the project is to use for flight only solar energy. Theoretically, the aircraft may remain in the air around the clock, because the excess solar energy received during the day are accumulated in the capacitors, which can be used for night flying.

“Solar Impulse 2” is an improved version of the first aircraft. It was presented exactly one year ago – on March 9, 2014. During this time, the aircraft was thoroughly tested. The wingspan of the machine is 72 meters, the weight – about 2.3 tons. The aircraft has 17,000 solar batteries which power four electric motors. Cruising speed is about 140 kilometers per hour. Electric condensers can hold the aircraft at an altitude of 8500 meters overnight.

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