State Duma

He told about that in an interview with TASS. In this way he responded to the U.S. President Barack Obama’s solution to prolong sanctions against Russia for one year.

“This is a gesture of despair by Barack Obama. American president couldn’t make out any other methods to influence Russia,” Emelianov said.

Besides he told about extremely low effect from American and European sanctions against Russia. Moreover, as deputy considers, “Russian counter sanctions have caused a great impact, in particular, on agricultural industry of Europe”, and they were helpful for Russian manufacturers. “Obama gives us even more time in order to close our markets from American goods and phase out imports,” he said.

Overnight into March 4, statement on Barack Obama’s solution to prolong sanctions against Russia for one year appeared on the White House’s website.

Since March 2014 United States and number of other countries several times imposed sanctions against Russia. They were applied to a number of Russian companies mainly working in energy, finance and defense industries. Besides, personal sanctions were imposed on Russian individuals. In response, Russia has restricted imports of a number of agricultural goods from the countries that imposed sanctions against Russia: the USA, European Union states, Canada, Australia and Norway. Also Moscow made a blacklist of Europeans and Americans, which are banned from entering Russia.

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