Swedish journalist disappeared

Swedish journalist disappeared


According to the newspaper Expressen, the 30-year-old man, whose name was not disclosed, was last contacted on February 16.

According to the publication, at that time the reporter was in the Turkish city of Gaziantep, from where he was planning to cross the border and get to the territory controlled by the terrorist group ISIS. After that, nothing is known about his fate. The newspaper did not rule out that the reporter could have been caught hostage by the ISIS.

It is known that the journalist was working for two Swedish publications. “I refuse to comment on the incident. We are talking about the safety of the journalist, “- said the representative of one of the newspapers. The Swedish Union of Journalists, in turn, stated that they have already reported to the Foreign Ministry the details about the disappearance of the reporter, but the information is not yet confirmed.

The organization ISIS has already repeatedly executed foreign nationals and posted on the Internet videos to prove that. Earlier this year, ISIS militants executed two Japanese – on January 24, they published a photo of the murdered journalist Haruna Yukawa, and on January 31 they circulated the video, depicting the execution of the second hostage Kenji Goto. Militants have also executed the American Peter Kessig, as well as the British citizens Alan Henning and David Haynes.

ISIS is a terrorist structure formed by Islamic radicals who have occupied several provinces of Syria and Iraq and declared the Caliphate. Their activity is banned in Russia by a court order. On June 29, ISIS proclaimed the establishment of the Caliphate on the controlled territories.  The ISIS leader, al-Baghdadi, has declared himself a caliph named Ibrahim, and announced the new capital as previously captured Mosul.

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