According to the defense headquarters of the DPR, they blocked over seven thousand enemy soldiers and more than 400 pieces of military equipment. LifeNews asked military analysts to evaluate the new tactics used by the defenders of the Donbass.

– As soon as an opportunity came to arrange a third envelopment, it was immediately organized, and all the military actions have been directed to this area – says military expert Alex Ramm. – Parts of the Ukrainian troops are now locked near the town of Amvrosievka city, south of Donetsk. According to the headquarters, there are more than 40 tanks, about 100 units of BMP, BTR and BMD, 50 launchers “Grad” and “Hurricane” that are inside the envelopment.

Donetsk People’s Republic

Donetsk People's Republic formed unified armed forces

Tactics of the DPR received high praises from military experts

– Providing for the surrounded troops by air is problematic, as the militia of the Southeast has a large number of MANPADs. Dropping from a height will only lead to the fact that all these goods will fall into the hands of the militia – said the expert of the Center of strategic situations Ivan Konovalov. According to him, the only way out for the security forces of Ukraine is to go for a break-through.

Alexei Ramm insists that to break out of the envelopment of any of the groups of the militia will be extremely difficult. To do that, you will have to repeatedly attack, identifying areas in which the defense of the militia is weakened. In addition, previously militia itself had to break out of the envelopment, so they will not let the opponent to conduct a successful operation.

– At one point, a group of forces led by Igor Strelkov came out of Slavyansk using a beautiful maneuver. This maneuver, I think, will be studied in military academies of different countries. There was a breakthrough and an attack of a diversionary group all at the same time – said Ivan Konovalov.

On August 24, the Army Headquarters of the DPR reported that on the territory of a self-proclaimed republic the militia surrounded two groups of Ukrainian security forces of a total of seven thousand soldiers. In the ring there were the headquarters of the 8th Army Corps, the 95th airmobile brigade of the AFU, 28th and 30th mechanized brigades, as well as punitive battalions “Aydar”, “Shahtersk” and “Donbass”.

Security forces are blocked in three areas of the DPR. Near Olenovka and Debalcevo two thousand soldiers of the National Guard and the AFU are surrounded, and about seven thousand soldiers – in the area of ​​residential settlements Voykovsky, Kuteynikovo, Blagodatnoe, Alekseevskoe, Uspenka and Ulyanovskoe. On August 25, a third strike group of the punishers got surrounded in the area of Amvrosievka and Stepanovka.

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