Sales Chromebook laptops are expected to jump 36% in 2016, according to TrendForce. A boom that benefits Dell, HP and Lenovo. But not that Acer, after leading the market in 2014 is expected to fall to fourth place.

As global notebook market should loosen 5.1% to 156 million units in 2016 according to TrendForce, the Chromebook segment is characterized by a growth in sales of 36% to 10.2 million units that year . The firm says this dynamic by lower prices, diversification of supply and the arrival of new players like China Haier and Hisense.


Chromebooks are laptops running Chrome OS operating system and feeding in online applications in the ecosystem of Google. For three years, they are the object of a great battle between computer manufacturers that build on this promising segment to offset the persistent decline in PC.


But this boom benefits increasingly to US manufacturers Dell Inc. and HP advantaged by the fact that the US is the main market for Chromebook. The Taiwanese Acer, who managed to dethrone Samsung in 2014, suffers. Fell in 2015 to second place behind Dell, it should, according to TrendForce, yet lose two seats in 2016 for the benefit of HP and Lenovo. That will help Acer in fall since 2012 on the PC market to recover.

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