“We have promised him [Poroshenko] the Crimean tribunal and believe me, we will do it. We will bring him here and will put him on trial. The Crimea will never be returned to Ukraine. The Crimea returned to its homeland, to the Russian Federation, and it is forever, “- said Aksenov.

On February 23, on the official website of Poroshenko an appeal to the residents of the Crimea was published, in which he promised “by all means” to protect the rights of the people living on the peninsula, and also stated that Ukraine will never give up its sovereign rights to it. According to him, the Ukrainian authorities are doing the work to “restore the property rights through international courts.”

The Crimea became part of Russia in March of 2014 on the results of the referendum, where according to official figures more than 96 percent of the residents of the peninsula spoke in favor of this decision. Kiev and the Western countries did not recognize the referendum results as legitimate, after which a number of sanctions have been introduced against Russia, including economic ones.

The head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov

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