plane crash in Taiwan

Another 15 people were injured, and the fate of 18 more is still unknown. The rescue operation engaged about a thousand police officers, firefighters and the military.

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A few minutes before the crash of the TransAsia Airways plane, the pilot reported an engine failure and made distress signals.

Earlier it has been reported that rescuers found two flight recorders belonging to the aircraft ATR 72-600. Decoding of the black boxes is set to begin in the evening on February 4.

The aircraft ATR 72-600, which was carrying 58 people (including passengers and the crew), fell into the river near Taipei just a few minutes after take-off, clipping a taxi cab and a bridge. ATR 72-600 was making a domestic flight from Taipei to Kinmen – a small archipelago near mainland China. The accident was caught on video by dash-cams from vehicles on an elevated highway.

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