In the final report only the information that “is relevant to determining the causes of the crash” will be made public. This will be done in accordance with the rules of the Council and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

According to the Safety Council of the Netherlands, currently the investigators are actively working on preparing a preliminary report, but there is still no clarity as to when it will be published. It is expected that the document will contain the facts obtained from various sources, which will allow making preliminary conclusions as to how the events unfolded before the plane crash.

Malaysia Airlines Boeing-777

File photo of debris from a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 that crashed on Thursday on the ground near the village of Rozsypne in the Donetsk region

The Netherlands will not publish all the data from Boeing-777 black boxes

According to ITAR-TASS, an international group of experts already have data from the flight recorders and radar stations, as well as satellite and other images. “All this information is then compared in order to determine whether the various sources confirm each other, or there are some discrepancies, – explained in the Dutch organization. – This is a very important process that takes a lot of time.” The final report must be published within a year from the date of the crash.

As for the visit to the crash site – the investigators hope to go there, “when the situation is stabilized a little.” The main objective of the experts will be to “confirm the data obtained from other sources, and to explore some debris.”

Safety Council of the Netherlands coordinates the investigation process of the tragedy of July 23 based on the agreement with the Ukrainian side (because according to the rules of the ICAO the investigation shall be conducted by a country where the incident occurred). The main objective of the organization is to determine the causes and, if possible, to make recommendations for further improvements in flight safety. The Council does not have the right to determine the guilty or assign a blame for a plane crash on anyone. This is the job of Dutch prosecutors.

Passenger aircraft Boeing-777 of “Malaysian Airlines” that was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed on July 17 in the Donetsk region of Ukraine. All 298 people aboard the aircraft were killed. The vast majority of them – 196 people – were the citizens of the Netherlands.