This was announced on Saturday, April 4th, live on Russian News Service by the Deputy Commander of the Aerospace Defense Forces, Major General Kirill Makarov.

The new missile will increase the destruction range of the missile system by twofold. “With adopting into service of a new missile, which is now undergoing government testing, the destruction range of S-400 will be up to 400 kilometers,” – said the General. He specified that with the current configuration, the system is capable of hitting a target at a distance of up to 250 kilometers. During the testing, the missile was launched to an almost full range of flight and it has successfully hit the target.

Air defense missile system S-400 (in Russian classification – Triumph, in the NATO classification – SA-21 Growler, or Grumpy) was adopted into service back in 2007. As of today, Russia has deployed 19 battalions of these systems (152 launchers).

Triumph is a missile system of large and medium-range. It was designed to destroy all modern and advanced aerospace assault weapons, including those created with stealth technology (“invisible”). The system is capable of shooting down missiles, including tactical and ballistic, all types of aircrafts, including hypersonic.

One system can also perform parallel firing at 36 targets (72 missiles – two for each target). The system can also use different types of shells, which allows building any configuration of defense.

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