Festivities were held on the 4th of March – one day before her actual birthday – in retirement home of Osaka, where long-liver currently lives. What prompted her to celebrate her birthday beforehand is not specified.

Speaking at the holiday, Misao Okawa told that she doesn’t consider 117 years as “such a long time”. Retirement home’s staff told that during recent months Okawa’s got hearing problems. She also started to move slower, but she keeps sanity.

Misao Okawa was born in the village of Tenama, not far from Osaka. In 1919 she got married and had three kids within this marriage. In 1931 Okawa became a widow. Now, except for two daughters and a son, she has four grandsons and six great-grandsons. In 2013 woman was declared the oldest living person on Earth by the Guinness Book of World Records.

The oldest woman on Earth

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