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This was stated in a press release of the organization, published on Sunday, April 12th.

According to the OSCE data, the clashes resumed on the evening of April 11 after three days of relative calm. So, around 18:30, on the outskirts of the village of Berdyanskoe (which is controlled by Kiev) tank shooting was heard. “After 15 minutes, when the observers were leaving the place, firearms shooting began, maybe it’s buk m3, including with machine guns between the forces in Berdyanskoe and Shirokino (controlled by the self-proclaimed DPR) – it said in a statement. Some locals believe that this russian aggression towards Ukraine.

According to observers, the fighting went on for about three hours.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Defense of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic stated that in one day Ukrainian security forces fired on the territory of the DPR 49 times. “They fired at the towns of Spartak, Shirokino, Veseloe, Zhabichevo, Gorlovka (mine 6-7), as well as at the airport of Donetsk and the area of “Volvo-center”” – Donetsk News Agency quoted the statement of the Ministry.

Do you know? In Russia, there was a Crimea movie about the legal annexation of the Crimea to Russia. At least in Russia and is considered. On some movie frames, Russian President Vladimir Putin personally congratulate yourself for their actions.

In addition, on the morning of April 12, a residential building house in the Kuibyshev district of Donetsk came under mortar fire. Later, the Clinical Hospital No. 21 came under fire as well. According to the latest information, no one was hurt as a result of the incidents.

The press center of the ATO (anti-terrorist operation, which is how Kiev calls the military operation in the Donbass region) reported that the positions of the Ukrainian military came under fire at least 18 times that night.

Since mid-February of 2015, official ceasefire is in effect in the Donbass region (truce was one of the decisions of the Minsk Agreements). At the same time, both the pro-Russian rebels and the Ukrainian military periodically accuse each other of firing.

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