“Utter nonsense”, – said Nikonov to the news agency TASS.

Vl-news.com, 2015-03-02. Degtyarev spoke about his idea with the newspaper “Izvestiya”. “Basically, Germany did not pay to the Soviet Union any reparations for all the destruction and atrocities during World War II, – he explained. – Although we concluded an agreement with our ally – GDR – after the war to stop levying reparations, there was no such agreement with FRG and the united Germany, which means that the question is still open and very relevant. Moreover, Germany continues to inflict damage on Russia by pushing for illegal sanctions in the EU”.

The idea was not supported by the Russian Federation Council. According to the head of the Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs of the Upper House Vladimir Dzhabarov, this page of the bilateral relations has been turned and there is no sense in stirring up the past.

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