He wrote about that in his Twitter account.

According to him, Kiev continues violating international obligations by depriving many Ukrainian citizens of the legal rights. “The EU and the US should not ignore it,” – he wrote. The diplomat called “politicized antics” the actions of the Ukrainian leadership with regards to the Victory Day celebrations, which shows the “vicious unpreparedness of Kiev break ties with neo-Nazis.”

At a meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 31, the Ukraine Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk announced the preparation of a package of bills to ban Communist and Nazi propaganda in the country. The Prime Minister did not hide the fact that the laws are being developed in connection with the anniversary of the end of World War II.

The Nuremberg Trials – international litigation proceedings against the leaders of Nazi Germany, which took place from 20 November 1945 to 1 October 1946.


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