The Russian Railways


Own operating system

It is reported that the cooperation with the Sarov nuclear center will involve the development of a basic platform to implement and execute business applications based on the operating system Linux – “Synergy.”

The decision to start a joint development of “Synergy” was made on August 13, 2014 during a leadership meeting of the Russian Railways, “Rosatom” and the Russian Federal Nuclear Center. It is known that the Russian Railways will participate in the revision and development of the operating system and database “Synergy”, a pilot version of which already exists and is being tested by the Sarov nuclear center. Representatives of the nuclear center are confident that based on the Linux system “Synergy” will eventually allow getting off the operating system Windows which is being used at the moment.

The cost of the development of another domestic operating system and the number of developers involved in the project is not reported.

Initially, development of proprietary operating system was begun by the Russian Federal Nuclear Center at the initiative of “Rosatom” in order to solve the issues of information security and import substitution for software. However, later it was discovered that the Russian Railways also plans to develop its own operating system, and so it was decided to join forces.

Let us remind you that the head of the Ministry of Communications of Russia Nikolai Nikiforov said that his department is preparing measures for import substitution of software. They may be implemented within the next 3-7 years. At the time the official could not identify specific types of software which were planned to replace with the Russian, but he noted that there is dependency on many of them – mobile operating systems, database management system, and so on.