Taylor Swift and Spotify

Taylor Swift fans on Spotify were dealt a difficult blow this week when her label, Big Machine Records, pulled all her music from the streaming service.

The 40 million subscribers to Spotify won’t be able to listen to her new album, “1989,” or any of Swift’s past music.

Swift’s music, including “1989” — which sold 1.3 million copies in just the first week of release — is still available on iTunes.

Kacie: “That’s okay I will just go download it from YouTube or listen to it on Pandora or illegally download the entire album from some random site that you are not getting a dime from. Spotify IS NOT FREE, I pay for that! $10/98/m to be exact. Spotify also states in a previous interview that they give 70% of their revenue back to the music industry. Now she’s just being greedy, does she not make enough money already? Way to think smart guys! Lets pull our music from Spotify so that people will pay for our music….now there is just going to be a rise in illegal downloads. Good luck with that plan :)”

“Sounds like a mute point to me. Music from anywhere can be copied with the right software , even I-Tunes. You cannot keep people from illegal activity by boycotting anything. In fact as a retribution tactic, I would guess that the “hackers” (for lack of a better term) will make her latest album widely available for free on the darknet now just for spite”, – say Mottasa on forum.

“Disappointed in Taylor Swift’s decision. I truly hoped she would be better than this and rise above the greed the fame brings. I understand it was the label’s decision, but she is their client and has the final call. I’ve lost a lot if respect for her due to her pulling her music”, – say Ashley Blackburn-Neely.

“All of Taylor Swift’s music can be heard and downloaded on YouTube. Is she going to try to remove her music from there and hundreds of other websites? Taylor Swift is a young modern woman but she and her cohorts seem to have the mindset of “1989.” It’s the 21st century, Taylor. Even multimillionaires and giant media companies can’t control everything nowadays.
Taylor Swift’s net worth is $200 million but apparently that’s not enough and she wants more, more, more.
Or maybe this is all just some kind of misguided ill-conceived publicity stunt to promote her new album”, – say Fromnet.

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Taylor Swift Pulled Her Music From Spotify



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