determine a birthplace based on human DNA

“If we have a DNA sample, we can tell where this person is from, sometimes as precise as detailed as the region he is from,” – spoke about the new technology the Deputy Director of Scientific Affairs at the Institute of Medical Genetics, Vadim Stepanov.

Scientists have been working on this technology for the past 15 years. Medics, after examining the gene pool of different populations residing on the territory of Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, have found particular characteristics in them, presence of which can help us determine the potential origin of a person, and consequently, with a high probability, his place of birth.

Scientists have already used this in criminology. Thus, they were able to help the investigation find a criminal who, since 2003, has committed a lot of illegal actions. To do this, the detectives gave scientists samples of his genetic material.

“Using our knowledge of the gene pool, we have determined that this person has a descent in the male line from the territory of Buryatia, and more specifically – from Barguzinsky region. That made it possible to significantly narrow down the list of suspects, and two weeks later the criminal was arrested. He was living in Novosibirsk, but his father is really a Buryat from Barguzinsky region, and his mother is Russian,”- said Stepanov.

Experts hope that their technology will help not only the police but also in the identification of people in situations related to disasters, military operations and terrorist attacks. “Even based on a small amount of biological material – a few hairs, a blood stain – we can determine the ethno-territorial origin of any person”, – concluded the deputy director.

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